FIA Representatives


Honorary President of the Senate

Me Michel BOERI

Members of the World Motor Sport Council

M. Michel FERRY

Members of Specialised Commissions

Formula One Commission: M. Michel FERRY
World Rally Championship Commission: M. Christian TORNATORE
Medical Commission: Dr. Brigitte PASQUIER
Historic Motorsport Commission: M. Gery MESTRE

Rally Sub commission: M. Christophe ALLGEYER

Technical Sub Commission: M. Raoul TANGANELLI

Tracks Sub Commission: M. Renato MOSCATI

Women in Motorsport Sub Commission: Mme Tifaney PERLINO

Electric and New Energy Championships Commission: M.Christophe ALLGEYER
International Historical Commission: M. Gery MESTRE

FIA Mobility and Tourism
M. Ruchdi HAJJAR

Tribunal of Appeal and International Court of Appeal
M. Laurent ANSELMI, elected by the General Assembly on proposal from the World Council
M. Philippe NARMINO, mandat still in progress