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1st E-Rally Monte-Carlo

12 - 16 October 2016

The winner of the 2016 edition of the e-Rallye is ...

Published on 25 November 2016

At the end of a very intense last night, Polish driver Artur Prusak and French co-driver Thierry Benchetrit won this e-Rallye Monte-Carlo. They had started Leg 3 in 4th position, hoping for a podium, but the crew of the Toyota Mirai, at its best, did even better: another win in Monaco for the
Polish driver, who already won Rallye Monte-Carlo des Energies Nouvelles in 2013, as well as the FIA World Cup for Alternative Energies in 2015 and 2016.

4 prusak a benchetrit t (pol fra) toyota mirai H B (JL)-51

We have two good reasons to be happy, after winning here: it was the first e-Rallye in the history of motor racing; it was also the first time for a hydrogen-propelled (Fuel Cell) car in competition. Finally, we want to thank Automobile Club de Monaco for this superb organization, as well as for creating an event of such a caliber, the first of its kind, which allowed vehicles of the future to show their potential in real life“.

Christophe Ponset/Serge Pastor, a very experienced crew thanks to its participations in all previous editions of Rallye des énergies nouvelles and Rallye Monte-Carlo ZENN (Zero EmissionNo Noise) , have eventually been rewarded by a well-deserved 2nd place on Sunday, proudly carrying the flag of the City of Monaco . They were very brave in their choices of charging locations, and they also finish first of all Electric Vehicles (EVs).

3 ponset c pastor s (fra) renault zoe E A (JL)-20

Alexandre Stricher/Michaël Torregrossa, for AUTOcult.fr and Automobile-Propre, were back with one goal, in ZE ZOE TEAM: finish as well as in 2015 at Rallye Monte-Carlo ZENN (Zero Emission-No Noise), when they won the Consumption competition and finished 3rd for Regularity. Thanks to an astonishing Leg 3, on Saturday night, they end up 3rd and fulfill their dream : to wear a tie at the Prize Giving Ceremony.

19 tba renault zoe E A (JL)-20