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75th Grand Prix de Monaco F1

25 - 28 May 2017

Kimi Räikkönen : « The best place to start »

Published on 28 May 2017

How excited are you to be starting on pole in Monaco ?

Obviously, it’s the best place to start for today, but it doesn’t guarantee anything for the race. Nevertheless, I’ll happily take it. It’s been all week-end quite ok. We’ve been struggling a little bit in certain places and we’ve been working and trying to figure it out and in qualifying it was better by no means perfect. I felt good so I was able to push. We have two cars in the front so let’s try to make the best out of it.

It’s your first pole since the 2008 French Grand Prix. It’s important for you to have done it in such a selective track as Monaco ?

No, I would like happily taken any other place also but it just happens. We’ve been close a few times lately but it’s something we haven’t really got in the last race. But if you take any circuit, here it’s the most important to be in front but it doesn’t automatically give you a win or a good result. There are so many things that can happen in a race that are nothing to do with you. You and the team might be doing a perfect job but other things might destroy the whole race.

The circuit is easier or more difficult with these new cars?

I don’t think it’s any easier. We end up going faster but then the same difficulties are there to go fast. It’s always tricky here, like it is in any place, especially here because you have to get very close to the kerbs and the walls. There is no chance to make mistakes. I think the resurface has improved a lot the circuit. It’s less bumpy, so it makes it a bit more nicer. But I don’t feel it’s any easier because the cars are faster and how more downforce. Everything happens a bit faster.