3rd E-Rally

24 - 28 October 2018

Communication from the Race Control

Published on 22 November 2017

To all competitors,
Precision concerning the article 14.1.d :
The use of Xenon or Led lights is forbidden.
Penalties for non-conformity will apply as for a Highway Code infringement
(i.e. Art 14.1.a)
Tripy technical innovations:
– no external antenna
– device will have to be placed in the upper area of the windshield
– Power continuous supply (12V) must be fitted with a specific connector (i.e. Annexe IV)


Dear competitors,
We would like to remind you, in respect of the environmental laws, that it is strictly forbidden to
tamper with “trees, poles, mail boxes, and houses”.
As of today, the Automobile Club of Monaco has received a lot of complaints from residents and
community organizations. All competitors seen to disrespect these environmental laws, will
immediately be excluded from the Rally.
We wish you good “recce”!