2nd Rallye Monte-Carlo Classique

31 January - 03 February 2018

“La Remise” : The Place to be!

Published on 05 February 2018

Sunday was the first day of ranking : «Valence-Valence» (roughly 364 km ) with 4 regularity zones, the first one ended with the well known stop in front of «la Remise», property of Yves Jouanny, in the city of Antraigues ( and his famous apple pie ) !

This mythical inn was a compulsory passage for pilots and crews for more than 46 years, and now a great opportunity, due to the passage of Rallye Monte-Carlo Historique, to perpetuate a half century tradition.

For the greatest happiness of all.

La Remise ? «the place to be !» for any real pilot…

© Jo Lillini