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1st E-Rally Monte-Carlo

12 - 16 October 2016


The winner of the 2016 edition of the e-Rallye is ...
Published on 25 November 2016
At the end of a very intense last night, Polish driver Artur Prusak and French co-driver Thierry Benchetrit [...]

eRallye Monte-Carlo (Octobre 12-16, 2016)

Registered on the FIA Calendar and scheduled in the Monaco Principality’s program events from October 12 to 16, 2016, the e-Monte-Carlo Rally, wanted innovative by their creators, displays a “pioneering spirit” which offers a large place to the human adventure and the future technologies.

The Rallye Monte-Carlo “ZENN”, which was previously reserved only for competitors entered with a 100% electric vehicle, will now be open to the 100% non-polluting and CO2-free vehicles (Electric, Fuel Cell (hydrogen), Solar, Compressed Air … Etc. etc.), with 4 wheels, registered for road use, for a minimum of 2 people and a maximum of 5.

For this new event, the Organizing Committee of the Automobile Club de Monaco has deliberately opened a new page of the “Rallye Monte-Carlo des Energies Nouvelles”, initiated in 1995, and the former Monte-Carlo Rally ZENN (Zero Emission – No Noise). A radical change due to reply to the specific requirements from the competitors but also from the car manufacturers, governments, car fleets or city communities.

Here is in outline what you should know of the newest event created by the ACM: MONDAY 20 JUNE 2016: Registration opening and issue of the supplementary regulations. FRIDAY 9 SEPTEMBER 2016: Registration closing (deadline for reception of complete file with payment) MONDAY 19 SEPTEMBER 2016: Confirmation of the selected cars WEDNESDAY 12 OCTOBER 2016: Administrative checking and Scrutineerings, with remittance of plates and official documents to the competitors in Fontainebleau. Cars in Parc Fermé. Start of LEG 1 Refueling and route free – Check of Route and mileage by GPS system FRIDAY 14 OCTOBER 2016: As from 14h00 Regularity test – Rallye Asphalt Circuit located on the Pôle Mécanique d’ALES As from 16h00 Start of LEG 2 “ALES-MONACO” (around 350 km) including 3 Regularity tests between the following itineraries:

  • MANOSQUE (04) – MONTMEYAN (83)
  • REGUSSE (83) – DRAGUIGNAN (83)

Refueling and liaison route free, Itinerary for Regularity tests will be compulsory. SATURDAY 15 OCTOBER 2016: Early evening Start of LEG 3 ‘MONACO-MONACO’ (around 110 km), ran by night around the famous Col de Turini and including 3 Regularity tests between the following itineraries:

  • MONTI (06) – LUCERAM (06)
  • LUCERAM (06) – MOULINET (06)
  • MOULINET (06) – SOSPEL (06)

Cars in Parc Fermé (Monaco ) SUNDAY 16 OCTOBER 2016: Morning Acceleration and Braking test (subject to confirmation) Gala Lunch and Prize Giving Ceremony Vehicles in conformity with the French and Monegasque Road Legislation will be eligible. They will be selected according to the following categories: A: Vehicles 100% electric B: Hydrogen Vehicles C: Combined Hydrogen and Electric Vehicles D: Solar Vehicles E: Compressed-Air Vehicles F: Other zero emission vehicles not included in the above categories. The vehicles of this category will be admitted at the discretion of the Organizing Committee Each team should be composed of one driver and one co-driver, each possessing a valid driving license. They are obliged to be present on-board the car during the whole event. The fees for registration per crew are €600, it includes:

  • Insurance guaranteeing civil responsibility to the competitor with regard to third parties,
  • Plates and numbers,
  • Souvenir gifts of the Event,
  • Accommodation in a double room for Saturday 15 October 2016 in Monaco – FAIRMONT Hotel, with breakfast taken in restaurant-room for 2 persons,
  • Gala Lunch and Prize Giving, Sunday 16 October for 2 persons.

For any further information, please contact : [email protected]