Lewis Hamilton : « A long time that I was waiting for »

Published on 23 May 2015

Lewis you have taken your first pole at Monaco. How do you feel ?

It’s been a long time that I was waiting for. I can’t express how happy I am. It was not the easiest session of the season. I had a lot of things that kind of throw you off your rhythm. I did not have the rhythm until the two last laps. I am really happy with this pole. This is incredibly special for me and for my guys.

You join Ayrton Senna among the poleman at Monaco. Is it an important achievement in your career ?

I don’t feel like a milestone, but it is definitely an important day for me. Some years I have had the car to do it, but some things have got in the way. I have got a long way to get what Ayrton achieved here. I have finally done it and I am really happy about that.

Have you done the hard part taking the best time today ?

Only even half of the job is done. There is so much to do tomorrow. There is a long way, because there are many laps here. It is going to be mentally and physically challenging. I am looking forward to tomorrow.2006 in GP2 was the last time I started on pole here. It is a very special day and just thank you to the team.