Posted on 17 October 2016

The winner of the 2016 edition of the e-Rallye is ...

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Posted on 14 October 2016

e-Rallye Monte-Carlo: A like Adriana!

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Posted on 14 October 2016

e-Rallye Monte-Carlo: start in Fontainebleau Castle

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Posted on 17 March 2016

e-Rallye Monte-Carlo (12-16 October 2016) Electric and eclectic...

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The winner of the 2016 edition of the e-Rallye is ...

17 October 2016

e-Rallye Monte-Carlo: A like Adriana!

14 October 2016

e-Rallye Monte-Carlo: start in Fontainebleau Castle

14 October 2016

e-Rallye Monte-Carlo (12-16 October 2016) Electric and eclectic...

17 March 2016

The winner of the 2016 edition of the e-Rallye is …

At the end of a very intense last night, Polish driver Artur Prusak and French co-driver Thierry Benchetrit won this e-Rallye Monte-Carlo. They had started Leg 3 in 4th position, hoping for a podium, but the crew of the Toyota Mirai, at its best, did even better: another win in Monaco for the
Polish driver, who already won Rallye Monte-Carlo des Energies Nouvelles in 2013, as well as the FIA World Cup for Alternative Energies in 2015 and 2016.

4 prusak a benchetrit t (pol fra) toyota mirai H B (JL)-51

We have two good reasons to be happy, after winning here: it was the first e-Rallye in the history of motor racing; it was also the first time for a hydrogen-propelled (Fuel Cell) car in competition. Finally, we want to thank Automobile Club de Monaco for this superb organization, as well as for creating an event of such a caliber, the first of its kind, which allowed vehicles of the future to show their potential in real life“.

Christophe Ponset/Serge Pastor, a very experienced crew thanks to its participations in all previous editions of Rallye des énergies nouvelles and Rallye Monte-Carlo ZENN (Zero EmissionNo Noise) , have eventually been rewarded by a well-deserved 2nd place on Sunday, proudly carrying the flag of the City of Monaco. They were very brave in their choices of charging locations, and they also finish first of all Electric Vehicles (EVs).

3 ponset c pastor s (fra) renault zoe E A (JL)-20

Alexandre Stricher/Michaël Torregrossa, for and Automobile-Propre, were back with one goal, in ZE ZOE TEAM: finish as well as in 2015 at Rallye Monte-Carlo ZENN (Zero Emission-No Noise), when they won the Consumption competition and finished 3rd for Regularity. Thanks to an astonishing Leg 3, on Saturday night, they end up 3rd and fulfill their dream : to wear a tie at the Prize Giving Ceremony.

19 tba renault zoe E A (JL)-20

e-Rallye Monte-Carlo: A like Adriana!

Renault has planned it all, from A to Z ! We knew Z as in… Zoé, and we discovered A as in… Adriana Karembeu, or Ambassador for charm and (electric) mobility. No wonder why photographers were pushing to take pictures of crew N.21 this Wednesday in Monaco…

team renault zoe e rmc (JL)-1

The team Renault Zoe

e-Rallye Monte-Carlo: start in Fontainebleau Castle


5 ballet jp lombard s (fra) kia soul E A (JL)-1There was a great atmosphere in the main courtyard of Fontainebleau Castle, this Wednesday at 2 pm sharp, for the start of e-Rallye Monte-Carlo. There were 34 crews at the start in Fontainebleau on Wednesday, since Automobile Club de Monaco (ACM) managed to attract seven major car manufacturing brands, ten different models and drivers from eight countries, coming from all over Europe. So that this new event has all the tools to show that electric mobility has reached a new dimension.

The first crew was made of two Monégasques in the N.1 Toyota Mirai, Georges Marsan and Jacques Pastor, the Mayor of Monaco and his Chief of Sport. Their mission was simple : reach Alès in less than 46 hours, a few hundred kilometers south, for the Concentration Leg.

1 marsan g pastor j (mco) toyota mirai H B (JL)-1

e-Rallye Monte-Carlo: Only for adventurers of the modern times!

e-Rallye Monte-Carlo (October 12-16, 2016)

This brand new event takes over from “Rallye Monte-Carlo des Energies Nouvelles” and “Rallye Monte-Carlo ZENN” (Zero Emission – No Noise) on the schedule of events organized by Automobile Club de Monaco (ACM). Open to various categories of non-polluting and CO2-free vehicles, most of them powered by electricity or hydrogen (Fuel Cell), the Monte-Carlo e-Rally will involve 35 crews starting their journey on October 12 in Fontainebleau. 

This first edition of e-Rally Monte-Carlo is another proof that Automobile Club de Monaco (ACM) is faithful to its long-term commitment of promoting renewable energies and sustainable development. Christian Tornatore, the ACM General Commissioner, reminds us that « in this area, ACM has definitely opened the way by organizing an Electric Rally around Monaco in 1995. With this new e-Rally Monte-Carlo, which is the road racing equivalent to the e-Prix for single-seaters, the idea is to start from much further away, just as the authentic pioneers of Rally Monte-Carlo did in 1911. For this modern times version of a clean rally, with zero CO2 emission, we are all very pleased, at ACM, that the entry list is full, with new generation vehicles representing more than ten car manufacturers. In addition to electric vehicles entered by market leaders such as Renault Zoé, VW e-Golf, Tesla Roadster and Tesla S, Nissan Leaf, BMW i3 and Citroën Berlingo, the real stars of the show will be the hydrogen (Fuel Cell) cars. They are the ultimate clean cars and we are lucky that, for a world premiere, three Toyota Mirai and three Renault Kangoo, transformed by Symbio Fcell, will take part in this inaugural edition of e-Rally Monte-Carlo. »

The start, for 35 crews and innovative vehicles, is scheduled for next week: 2 pm on Wednesday (October 12) in Fontainebleau, in the postcard setting of a 12th Century castle, for a 1,000 km journey across French countryside, all the way to the Principality of Monaco.

Leg 1 “Fontainebleau – Circuit de Nevers Magny-Cours – Alès” will be route-free and refueling-free, with real-time GPS-monitoring of the mileage covered, in order to allow the crews to get accustomed to the autonomy of their own vehicle, depending on the choice of itinerary…

The first goal is to reach the Reloading Park, in front of Alès City Hall, before Friday (October 14) at noon, in order to avoid a penalty. Then, starting at 1:30 pm, the crews will head for “Pole Mécanique d’Alès” where Regularity Test 1 will take place under a brand new format, on the asphalt portion of the track: one “discovery” lap followed by two regularity laps, at an average speed imposed by the organizers. The best lap will count for the general classification. The journey will then continue, still route-free and refueling-free, for Leg 2 “Alès-Monaco” including three Regularity Tests between the following locations:

  • MANOSQUE (04) – MONTMEYAN (83)
  • REGUSSE (83) – DRAGUIGNAN (83)

The first crews are expected to arrive in the Principality of Monaco on Saturday (October 15) from noon onwards.

After a reloading afternoon, the start of Leg 3 “Monaco-Monaco” will be given at 8:30 pm for one loop including three more Regularity Tests, run at night around the famous Col de Turini, where the legend of Monte-Carlo Rally was written and where the remaining crews of e-Rally Monte-Carlo will fight for the win:


The Gala Lunch and Prize Giving Ceremony will take place on Sunday (October 16) at the headquarters of the Automobile Club de Monaco.

Monaco, October 5, 2016




e-Rallye Monte-Carlo (12-16 October 2016) Electric and eclectic…

Placed under the High Patronage of Their Serene Highnesses, The Prince and The Princess of Monaco, organized by the Automobile Club de Monaco, under the care of the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA), ASN members of the FIA and more particularly with the assistance of FFSA, the e-Rallye Monte-Carlo is registered on the FIA international events calendar.

Reserved for vehicles 100% non-polluting and CO2 -free (Electric, Fuel Cell, Hydrogen, Solar, compressed air … etc.), with 4 wheels, registered for road use, a minimum of 2 seats and 5 maximum, here is in outline what you should know of the newest event created by the ACM:

MONDAY 20 JUNE 2016:

Registration opening and issue of the supplementary regulations.


Registration closing (deadline for reception of complete file with payment)


Confirmation of the selected cars


Administrative checking and Scrutineerings, with remittance of plates and official documents to the competitors in Parisian region. Cars in Parc Fermé.

Start of LEG 1 Refueling and route free – Check of Route and mileage by GPS system


As from 14h00 Regularity test – Rallye Asphalt Circuit located on the Pôle Mécanique d’ALES

As from 16h00 Start of LEG 2 “ALES-MONACO” (around 350 km) including 3 Regularity tests between the following itineraries:

  • MANOSQUE (04) – MONTMEYAN (83)
  • REGUSSE (83) – DRAGUIGNAN (83) Refueling and liaison route free, Itinerary for Regularity tests will be compulsory.


Early evening Start of LEG 3 ‘MONACO-MONACO’ (around 110 km), ran by night around the famous Col de Turini and including 3 Regularity tests between the following itineraries:

  • MONTI (06) – LUCERAM (06)
  • LUCERAM (06) – MOULINET (06)
  • MOULINET (06) – SOSPEL (06)

Cars in Parc Fermé (Monaco)


Morning Acceleration and Braking test (subject to confirmation)

Gala Lunch and Prize Giving Ceremony

Vehicles in conformity with the French and Monegasque Road Legislation will be eligible. They will be selected according to the following categories:

A: Vehicles 100% electric

B: Hydrogen Vehicles

C: Combined Hydrogen and Electric Vehicles

D: Solar Vehicles

E: Compressed-Air Vehicles

F: Other zero emission vehicles not included in the above categories. The vehicles of this category will be admitted at the discretion of the Organizing Committee

Each team should be composed of one driver and one co-driver, each possessing a valid driving license. They are obliged to be present on-board the car during the whole event.

The fees for registration per crew are €600, it includes:

  • Insurance guaranteeing civil responsibility to the competitor with regard to third parties,
  • Plates and numbers,
  • Souvenir gifts of the Event,
  • Accommodation in a double room for Saturday 15 October 2016 in Monaco – FAIRMONT Hotel, with breakfast taken in restaurant-room for 2 persons,
  • Gala Lunch and Prize Giving, Sunday 16 October for 2 persons.