WRC Monte-Carlo Rally 2022 :  Discover the Official Itinerary

Monaco Grands Prix 2022 :  Ticketing Opening

90th Rallye Monte-Carlo

17 - 23 January 2022

Spectators’ vehicles are strictly forbidden to enter and to be parked by the sides of the roads of the Special Stages.

Spectators are strictly forbidden to enter or to walk along the roads of the Special Stages, from 30minutes before the start of the first Competitor’s car until the completion of the Stage.

Spectators are only authorized to stand in the designated Public spectating zones, which are marked with green tape or green ribbon. These zones are always elevated to a minimum of 1.50 meters high and outside the trajectory of the rally cars. All other spectating positions are strictly forbidden.

If Spectators fail to respect these Security regulations, then the Organizer shall be obliged to cancel the Special Stage.

Follow the Countryside Code: Respect the land and the properties of others as if they were your own. Do not harvest wood; do not make fires; do not leave rubbish …

RESPONSIBLE SPECTATORS CONTRIBUTE TO THE SUCCESS OF THE EVENT. Watch the Rally from an authorized and safe position and with the correct behavior of Spectators.