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Official Ticketing: Book your tickets now       –       Formula 1 Grand Prix de Monaco 2024 : Introduction

Official Ticketing: Book your tickets now       –       Formula 1 Grand Prix de Monaco 2024 : Introduction


8e Grand Prix de Monaco Historique

11 - 13 May 2012
14th Grand Prix de Monaco Historique: promises kept!

They had to wait two years, but the thousands of nostalgic fans who came to the 14th Grand Prix de Monaco Historique over the weekend were in for a treat: more than 200 gleaming vintage racing cars, in perfect condition and capable of remarkable performances. So many talented drivers, both professional and amateur, and above […]

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G-Series: Hall equals Hill!

The last race of this wonderful weekend, and of a long Sunday, was the G-Series, a vibrant tribute to Ayrton Senna in the presence of several members of his family (Bianca, Paola and Bruno who gave the cups and awards on the podium). And as luck would have it, a driver born in 1984, Briton […]

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F-Series: Michael Lyons (Hesketh) without a fight

The afternoon was cut short for the cars entered in F1 from 1977 to 1980, grouped together in the “Gilles Villeneuve” F-Series: the race was red-flagged three times due to too many on-track incidents. The hardest part had been done the day before for Michael Lyons, who took pole on Saturday in his blue Hesketh […]

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C-Series: Lotus beats Maserati

The insatiable British marque, founded by Colin Chapman, continued its raid on Sunday at the 14th Grand Prix Historique de Monaco by winning the C-Series after the D and E Series earlier in the day. This C-Series, again this year, bore the name of Vittorio Marzotto and dedicated to front-engined sports cars from 1952 to […]

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Collector's MGPH Legends Trophy for all the winners!

Two years ago, the public and competitors discovered trophies inspired by Yvon Amiel’s comic strip Antoine le Pilote. For this 14th edition of Grand Prix de Monaco Historique, new figurines have been produced, slightly reworked to fit in even better with the drivers representing the 8 Series contested in the Principality, from the A1, christened […]

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