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6th Monaco E-Prix : Your tickets at €30      -     80th F1 Grand Prix de Monaco : Informations      -     News ACM: «Follow us now on LinkedIn»

6th Monaco E-Prix : Your tickets at €30      -     80th F1 Grand Prix de Monaco : Informations      -     News ACM: «Follow us now on LinkedIn»

5e E-Rallye Monte-Carlo
20 - 24 October 2021


The French duo wins this 5th edition of the E-Rallye Monte-Carlo. Their victory is an example of consistency. Regularly close to the first places, they did not win any regularity stages during this edition. But that doesn’t matter to their pleasure.

Second in the general standings on the eve of the last stage, Frédéric Lansiaux and Nicolas Buhot have managed to show a deep accuracy and continuity on Saturday to take the victory. They thus added their names to the list of winners of the 100% electric and hydrogen powered Rallye Monte-Carlo.

They won ahead of the Tesla Model 3 of Frédéric Ozon, the title holder, and Gérald Seiler. In third place was the eBorn network’s Renault ZOÉ crew, Michel Chabran / Eric Mallen. A very good performance for their first participation in the E-Rallye.

What does it mean to you to have your name on the winners list of a Monte-Carlo Rally?

Frédéric Lansiaux: The Monte Carlo is a myth. It is for me the grail in motorsport. Even if other places are very beautiful, this one is a myth. It’s a source of pride to have our name on the list of winners.

How did you find the rally as a whole?

Frédéric Lansiaux: It was a very beautiful rally. We crossed some magnificent regions. But it was also complicated. The event has evolved enormously. It was our fourth participation this year. It has become tougher, the level has also evolved enormously and gone up. You can also see that there are many more participants. But yes, on the whole, we can say that it was a very nice rally.

How did you experience it as a passenger? We know your family link with the function of co-driver.

Nicolas Buhot: I was under a lot of pressure because I was alongside a very successful driver. I had to be sure of the other driver’s seat. I really had a great rally. I was lucky enough to be able to look up unlike Frédéric (Lansiaux), which allowed me to discover some magnificent landscapes. It was splendid. The roads were beautiful. And the performances were good. All the conditions were there for us to have a dream rally, with this final result as well. On top of that, we have just learned that we have won the FIA Challenge. We are on top of the world. What could be better…!


The Awards Ceremony of this 5th edition of the E-Rally Monte-Carlo was also the occasion to reward the first in each category.


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