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Official Ticketing: Book your tickets now       –       Formula 1 Grand Prix de Monaco 2024 : Introduction

Official Ticketing: Book your tickets now       –       Formula 1 Grand Prix de Monaco 2024 : Introduction

RX Eat: 2.0 catering
27 May 2024

RX Eat: 2.0 catering

Download the App RX Eat, the 2.0 catering service during the Formula 1 Grand Prix de Monaco.

This digital catering service will give you the opportunity to follow the ontrack racing show with the respect of sanitary rules.

Rx Eat, a 100% foodie app, allows each user to get a large selection of meals delivered, with fresh, local, quality products prepared in a short circuit.

In partnership with the association FAR (Foi, Action, Rayonnement) for the Grandstand T and the AS Monaco Rugby for the Grandstand NOP, the free App will be deployed in order to offer a digital and quality catering service during the Grand Prix.

Spectators will have the possibility to lunch without to leave their seat.

In the current sanitary context, the App is applying with 2 objectives:

  • limiting traffic flow,
  • Allowing spectators to ordre, receive and consume their meals and drinks directly from their seat during the event.


How does the RX Eat App work?

Spectators will be able to download the application for free, by scanning the QR code on the flyers distributed at the event entrance, directly on their smartphone or tablet.

After selected its grandstand, each spectator will be able to choose between a large choice of sandwiches, salty or sweet snacks, drinks, and popcorns.

Once order confirmed with the located seat filled and the order payed (by credit card or cash), your booking will arrive directly to you in the grandstand, by the service or the FAR and ASM Rugby association volunteers .


Download RX Eat App on Apple Store or Google Play



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