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Grand Prix de Monaco Historique 2024 : Introduction   –   Official Ticketing: Book your tickets now

Grand Prix de Monaco Historique 2024 : Introduction   –   Official Ticketing: Book your tickets now

At the heart of the 2024 ACM Training Camp
20 April 2024

At the heart of the 2024 ACM Training Camp

With just a few weeks to go before the start of the 2024 track events, the annual Training & Refresher Camp was held on 23 and 24 March at the “Chapiteau de Fontvieille” in Monaco.

Around 600 volunteers from the Corps of Marshals were mobilized for the weekend, including 44 new candidates. The aim of this Training Camp is to learn how to react to all the situations that Marshals may have to deal with during the on-track sessions this year. To do this, the volunteers (re)discovered the traditional workshops of this Training Camp, with a new feature in 2024. Here’s an overview of the Training:

First Aid: This workshop run by the Monegasque Red Cross, is essentially focused on stretcher-boarding, in support of the emergency services present on the circuit.

Pre-video: Alongside the practical exercises, this theoretical workshop aims to examine, on video, the risks that can be encountered on the circuit.

Pre-rail: This is the first practical experience on track. The aim here is to learn how to cross the rail to operate on the circuit, to pass on equipment and to handle jacks to move single-seaters.

The “Track Intervention” workshops: The first “Track Intervention” workshop consists of learning how to turn over a car, and how to use jacks. The new feature of this formation 2024 is the inclusion of a brand-new car, the CTC (Crash Training Car) for the second “Track Intervention” workshop. More realistic than ever, it’s an old single-seater that has been completely renovated by our teams of volunteers. The aim is to simulate any type of accident, such as the nose of the car crashing into a rail, or the front and rear axles coming apart. In addition, an integrated electrical system can be used to simulate liquid leaks or the release of smoke.

Post-video: As these workshops have been filmed and examined by observers, the Marshals can debrief and analyze their actions.

Electrical risks: The aim of this awareness-raising workshop is to explain the electrical risks associated with single-seater cars in Formula 1 and Formula E, and to provide information on how to behave.

“Gazelle” timed course: Considered a must-do event on the Training Camp, this is a sporting course with obstacles such as crossing a rail, a race with a fire extinguisher, or the evacuating of a gearbox.

Signaling: Another key part of the Training Camp, this enables volunteers to learn, differentiate and handle the different flags and to familiarize themselves with the signage used during the track sessions. Since 2023, this training has been carried out using electric go-karts simulating a race on a circuit. In order to reproduce real-life conditions as closely as possible, fictitious scenarios are studied to assess the responsiveness and the dynamism of the Marshals.

Fire: Under the expert guidance of the Principality’s Fire Brigade, the Marshals were able to practice dealing with flames, handling an extinguisher and evacuating an injured person, using an entirely flammable car.

At the end of this studious and convivial weekend, a general debriefing was carried out by the Command of the Corps of Marshals to validate the integration of the candidates.


Upcoming events:

The entire Corps of Marshals will be meeting on 16 April for the General Meeting, to receive the latest information and recommendations.

The handover of equipment and uniforms will take place on 19 and 20 April before the 3 track events:

  • The 7th Monaco E-Prix (April 27)
  • The 14th Grand Prix de Monaco Historique (10-12 May)
  • The 81st Formula 1 Grand Prix de Monaco (23-26 May)

How to become a Marshal?

All the conditions of application are specified in the following document: https://acm.mc/en/automobile-club/corps-of-marshals/devenir-commissaire-de-lacm/

Registrations for events in 2025 will open in September 2024.

For any further information, please contact the Secretariat of the Corps of Marshals by phone on: (+377) 93 15 26 16 or (+377) 93 15 26 40.

General practice before the 2024 Rallies
20 April 2024

General practice before the 2024 Rallies

The countdown is on! With less than 50 days to go until the 92nd Rallye Automobile Monte-Carlo, the Organising Committee of the 2024 WRC season’s first round organised a one-day rehearsal for its volunteers on Sunday December 3, 2023. On the agenda: training, practice and a review of their skills. For more than 40 years, the aim of the “Circuit Routier d’Instructions Commissaires” (C.R.I.C.) is to ensure that rally procedures and regulations are properly applied.

Nearly 165 volunteers from the Corps des Commissaires were mobilised to recreate a fictive rally, between the Chapiteau de Fontvieille in Monaco and the roads of the Monegasque hinterland. Over 100km and 3 Special Stages were on the agenda, with the Côte d’Azur sun shining down on the crews and volunteer teams this year.

Practice, discipline and concentration !

The C.R.I.C. comes after 2 theoretical sessions which gave to the marshals the opportunity to review the procedures, regulations and the IT tools used during the events” explains Cyril Vada, in charge of the formation and Deputy Race Director of the Monte-Carlo Rallies. Then comes the practical part.

After the briefings that kicked off the first part of the day, the volunteer teams were divided up along the route and put through their paces in real-life conditions, with around 20 competitors in attendance. “Our Marshals were confronted with several different situations: special stage interruptions, incidents and race facts, special stage start suspensions, late check-in, etc“.

Observers and evaluators were present to check and grade the level of each marshal and chief officer, following the example of what is put in place in the spring for the circuit training course. “Their reactions and attitudes are carefully scrutinised“. A level of requirement that is in keeping with the spirit of the Corps of Commissaires. “We are the only organisers involved in the World Rally Championship to offer our marshals this kind of training. “

Next up in January 2024 for the Rallye Monte-Carlo WRC (22-28/01) and the Rallye Monte-Carlo Historique (31/01-07/02).

The “Corps des Commissaires” is recruiting!
20 April 2024

The “Corps des Commissaires” is recruiting!

As part of the “FIA Volunteers” weekend (September 22-24), celebrating the work of volunteers involved in the Motor Sport Organization events, the “Corps des Commissaires” of the Automobile Club de Monaco is launching its recruitment campaign!

To discover new talent and renew its teams of marshals, the ACM’s volunteer organization is looking for motorsport enthusiasts who meet the different recruitment criteria to take part in the “circuit” and “rally” events organized by the Automobile Club de Monaco. 

Ready to get started? Don’t delay! The application period starts now! *

How to become a marshal?

Your application will be examined by the Commissariat teams and you will be contacted by email at the beginning of March 2024. If your application is approved, you will be invited to a mandatory Introduction Meeting on Thursday March 7, 2024, 7:30 pm, at the ACM. The Training and Initiation Course will be held on Saturday March 23 and Sunday March 24, 2024 at the “Chapiteau de Fontvieille” in Monaco.

For further information, please contact the “Corps des Commissaires” Secretariat on: (+377) 93 15 26 16 or (+377) 93 15 26 40 / commissaires@acm.mc


*End of application period (December 15, 2023)

Our marshals are well equipped!
20 April 2024

Our marshals are well equipped!

For two days, the ACM Marshals’ Corps facilities, where all the equipment required by the volunteer teams is stored and maintained throughout the year at the gates of the Principality, were in a state of ebullience! The 698 stewards of the 2023 events (6th Monaco E-Prix / 80th Formula 1 Grand Prix de Monaco) were invited to collect their equipments. Suit, helmet, gloves, belt… The volunteers of the Automobile Club de Monaco received their outfits which will enable them to ensure safety during the practice sessions and races.

This year, as part of the commemoration of the centenary of the birth of Prince Rainier III, a symbolic patch will be worn by all our Marshals on their chests in tribute to his memory.

In a few days’ time, the guardian angels of the Monegasque track will be at work to ensure the smooth running of the races and the safety of the drivers on the occasion of the 6th Monaco E-Prix (6th May) and the 80th Formula 1 Grand Prix de Monaco (25th-28th May).

Marshals in training
20 April 2024

Marshals in training

With three weeks to go before the first track event (6th Monaco E-Prix), the volunteers of the Automobile Club de Monaco’s “Corps des Commissaires” gathered on 15th and 16th April at the Chapiteau de Fontvieille for the traditional Training Camp. Between learning the right gestures and revision of automatisms, work, rigour and good spirits were the order of the day.
Founded in 1972 by the President of the Automobile Club de Monaco, Mr Michel Boéri, the marshals’ training camp offers all the teams eleven workshops: First Aid / Pre-video / Intervention / Post-video / Rail + Lifting workshop / Electrical risks / “Gazelle” timed course / Flags and signalling circuit / Fire. The objective is to test the reflexes, physical and reasoning skills of each candidate.

The Monaco Fire Brigade in support
The Principality’s Fire Brigade, a long-standing participant in this Training Camp, was once again involved this year on Saturday to prepare our volunteers for the risks of setting fire to a car. Crossing a rail, handling a fire extinguisher, evacuating an injured person, first aid… The Marshals present were able to review with the fire professionals the practices necessary for this type of risk.


In figures
This year, 562 Marshals took part in the Training Course, supervised by a hundred or so managers. Of the 85 applications shortlisted at the end of the registration campaign, 56 new candidates were able to take part in the weekend’s workshops, of which 1/3 were women. The trend is also towards younger teams, with an average age of 39 for 2023, the first time this has happened in several years. In addition, 35 “foreign” stewards will be on hand for the next two events, from international circuits.

The new features
A key workshop of the weekend under the “Chapiteau de Fontvieille”, training in signalling and flag handling is now simulated on a brand-new circuit with electric karting. This is an asset in order to reproduce as well as possible the real conditions to which the Marshals will be exposed during the races. In this workshop, different race scenarios are studied in order to work specifically on the application of the flagging rules on the track.

 In addition, the workshop to raise awareness of the electrical risks incurred with single-seaters in Formula 1 and Formula E has been reinforced. Finally, we should note the appearance of a gearbox in the “Gazelle” workshop, so that the candidates can practice evacuating this type of element from the track.


Coming up
The management of the “Corps des Commissaires” will meet in the next few days to validate the presence of the new candidates in all the teams. The General Meeting will then take place on 25 April to receive the latest information, followed by the handover of equipment and uniforms on 28 & 29 April before taking part in the 6th Monaco E-Prix (6 May) and the 80th Formula 1 Grand Prix de Monaco (25-28 May).


How to become a Marshal?
All the conditions of application are specified in the following document: https://acm.mc/corps-des-commissaires-2/devenir-commissaire-de-lacm/

Registration for the 2023 track events will start in September 2023.

For further information, please contact the Secretariat of the “Corps des Commissaires” by phone: (+377) 93 15 26 16

C.R.I.C. 2022: Full-scale rehearsal
20 April 2024

C.R.I.C. 2022: Full-scale rehearsal

With 45 days to go before the start of the 91st WRC Monte-Carlo Rally, the volunteer & members of the « ACM Corps des Commissaires » met on Sunday for their traditional training day. For more than 40 years, the aim of the Circuit Routier d’Instructions Commissaires (C.R.I.C.) has been to check the application of the procedures and regulations put in place for rallies. 

A necessary training to review the knowledge and skills of each participant.

More than 150 volunteers were involved between the « Chapiteau de Fontvieille » and the roads of the Monegasque hinterland where 3 fictitious special stages were programmed, in real rainy and winter conditions. 

The Corps des Commissaires benefits this year from the contribution of a new generation of Commissaires with the presence of 18 new men and women, all passionate about Motor Sports and having worked on the “track” events last spring.

A real seminar between theory and practice

After a morning briefing at 9.00 am, the teams of volunteers were spread out along the route, which was prepared by the Automobile Club teams. The accent was put on the strict application of the regulations. The marshals were placed in real-life conditions with the presence of around twenty competitors. 

On the practical side, the objective here is to study all types of scenarios in accordance with reality and which may occur during an event: late check-in, hazard lights, immobilisation of a competitor, red flag, etc.

At the end of the day, the general debriefing will take place, under the responsibility of the Deputy Chief Steward and the Event Director in order to draw conclusions from the training. 

Our Commissaires will be back in January for the Monte-Carlo WRC Rally (19-22/01) and the Monte-Carlo Historic Rally (24/01-01/02).

Opening of the 2023 Commissaires' Registration
20 April 2024

Opening of the 2023 Commissaires’ Registration

Registration for the 2023 “circuit” events has started.
You are a Motorsport Fan and you would like to join the prestigious Corps des Commissaires of the Automobile Club de Monaco? Don’t wait anymore! Apply from now.
How to become a Marshal?

Your registration will then be studied by the Command Teams. If your application is accepted, you will be invited to a Presentation Meeting on Thursday 02 March 2023, then to the Training and Initiation Stage on the weekend of 15 & 16 April 2023 in order to train you for the mission of Marshals for the events organised by the Automobile Club de Monaco in the spring:

  • 6th Monaco E-Prix / 6th May 2023
  • 80th F1 Monaco Grand Prix / 25-28 May 2023 *

For any further information, please contact the Secretariat of the Corps des Commissaires: (+377) 93 15 26 16 / commissaires@acm.mc

End of the bidding period (31 January 2023)

*Subject to the official publication of the calendar by the FIA

A white evening "anniversary" for the Marshals of the Automobile Club de Monaco
20 April 2024

A white evening “anniversary” for the Marshals of the Automobile Club de Monaco

The Salle des Etoiles at the Sporting Monte-Carlo was decked out in white on the evening of Friday 17th June to welcome, at the invitation of the President of the Automobile Club de Monaco, all the marshals and volunteers who had ensured the success of the 5th Monaco E-Prix (30th April), the 13th Monaco Historic Grand Prix (13th-15th May) and the 79th Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix (26th-29th May). President Michel Boeri, in addition to praising the work accomplished by the representatives of the Monegasque and French governmental authorities and the various constituted bodies, did not fail to warmly thank his brigade of volunteers who work tirelessly during the various events organized by the ACM throughout the year. The evening was also an opportunity to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the ACM’s Corps of Commissioners, with a retrospective film on the evolution of security and equipment over the years. The dinner was followed by “The Dancing Suits”, a musical group from Nice, whose boundless energy and vocal harmonies cover both classic and new music. This was followed by a show put on by the “Cirque du Grand Lyon” and the screening of the official film dedicated to the three “Circuit” events.  The evening concluded with a sumptuous fireworks display, which ended with a thunderous applause. The evening ended on the dance floor, in the pure tradition of white nights, to the rhythm of the music of DJ Felix…

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