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Official Ticketing: Stay tuned for the 2025 Opening Sales       –       Formula 1 Grand Prix de Monaco 2024 : Relive this 81st edition

Official Ticketing: Stay tuned for the 2025 Opening Sales       –       Formula 1 Grand Prix de Monaco 2024 : Relive this 81st edition

Marshals in training
21 June 2024

Marshals in training

With three weeks to go before the first track event (6th Monaco E-Prix), the volunteers of the Automobile Club de Monaco’s “Corps des Commissaires” gathered on 15th and 16th April at the Chapiteau de Fontvieille for the traditional Training Camp. Between learning the right gestures and revision of automatisms, work, rigour and good spirits were the order of the day.
Founded in 1972 by the President of the Automobile Club de Monaco, Mr Michel Boéri, the marshals’ training camp offers all the teams eleven workshops: First Aid / Pre-video / Intervention / Post-video / Rail + Lifting workshop / Electrical risks / “Gazelle” timed course / Flags and signalling circuit / Fire. The objective is to test the reflexes, physical and reasoning skills of each candidate.

The Monaco Fire Brigade in support
The Principality’s Fire Brigade, a long-standing participant in this Training Camp, was once again involved this year on Saturday to prepare our volunteers for the risks of setting fire to a car. Crossing a rail, handling a fire extinguisher, evacuating an injured person, first aid… The Marshals present were able to review with the fire professionals the practices necessary for this type of risk.


In figures
This year, 562 Marshals took part in the Training Course, supervised by a hundred or so managers. Of the 85 applications shortlisted at the end of the registration campaign, 56 new candidates were able to take part in the weekend’s workshops, of which 1/3 were women. The trend is also towards younger teams, with an average age of 39 for 2023, the first time this has happened in several years. In addition, 35 “foreign” stewards will be on hand for the next two events, from international circuits.

The new features
A key workshop of the weekend under the “Chapiteau de Fontvieille”, training in signalling and flag handling is now simulated on a brand-new circuit with electric karting. This is an asset in order to reproduce as well as possible the real conditions to which the Marshals will be exposed during the races. In this workshop, different race scenarios are studied in order to work specifically on the application of the flagging rules on the track.

 In addition, the workshop to raise awareness of the electrical risks incurred with single-seaters in Formula 1 and Formula E has been reinforced. Finally, we should note the appearance of a gearbox in the “Gazelle” workshop, so that the candidates can practice evacuating this type of element from the track.


Coming up
The management of the “Corps des Commissaires” will meet in the next few days to validate the presence of the new candidates in all the teams. The General Meeting will then take place on 25 April to receive the latest information, followed by the handover of equipment and uniforms on 28 & 29 April before taking part in the 6th Monaco E-Prix (6 May) and the 80th Formula 1 Grand Prix de Monaco (25-28 May).


How to become a Marshal?
All the conditions of application are specified in the following document: https://acm.mc/corps-des-commissaires-2/devenir-commissaire-de-lacm/

Registration for the 2023 track events will start in September 2023.

For further information, please contact the Secretariat of the “Corps des Commissaires” by phone: (+377) 93 15 26 16

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