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80th F1 Grand Prix de Monaco : Verstappen winner      -     Official Store: Collection Monaco Grand Prix 2023

80th F1 Grand Prix de Monaco : Verstappen winner      -     Official Store: Collection Monaco Grand Prix 2023


23e Rallye Monte-Carlo Historique

29 January - 05 February 2020
Lancia and Swiss timing, the perfect match!

All is well that ends well. One of the most followed, observed, admired cars of the 25th  Rallye Monte-Carlo Historique, the 1970 Lancia Fulvia 1.3 S, perfectly driven by a very efficient Swiss duo, Claudio Enz and Cristina Seeberger, finally won it. And added a new line to the prize list of the Italian brand […]

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RS16: Alfa, Opel and Renault, a nice trio in the Turini

The last regularity stage (RS16, 22,33km) was like a dessert, like a reward after a week of effort and vigilance at the wheel. It allowed all competitors of the 25th Rallye Monte-Carlo Historique to touch the Holy Grail of rally drivers all over the world: driving at night, just for fun and pure pleasure, in […]

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An Alpine is like judo: you can't forget it!

Barely arrived in the parc fermé in Valence, Jean-Claude Andruet spoke of his reunion, half a century after his legendary victory in a blue Alpine Renault. And indeed, given his smile, the idyll has never died out! Still on the attack, the former French judo champion (one more string to his bow) and seller of […]

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SR7: a 1-2 for Italy, podium for Spain

© Scuderia del Grifone They had not yet managed to win a special in this 25th Rallye Monte-Carlo Historique, it’s done and it’s well-deserved. The Italian couple in the 1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia 1600 TI, Giovanni and Tiziana Chiesa, took first place, all alone, in the SR7 between Lamastre and Colombier-le-Jeune (13.558km), on the last […]

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SR3: the snow, Volvo and Sunbeam…

Due to the snow and ice in the climb to Col de Pennes, a safety speed average, lower than the one originally planned, was imposed on competitors in SR3 (16.13km) between Recoubeau- Jansac and Pennes-le-Sec. It was the third regularity stage of the 25th Rallye Monte-Carlo Historique and it was won by a 1975 Volvo […]

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