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Official Ticketing: Book your tickets now       –       Formula 1 Grand Prix de Monaco 2024 : Introduction

Official Ticketing: Book your tickets now       –       Formula 1 Grand Prix de Monaco 2024 : Introduction



Collection Monaco Historic Grand Prix 2022 NFT

Discover the unique collection of the Historical Monaco Grand Prix 2022, straight from the on-board cameras placed on the 1974 Ferrari F1 312 B3 filmed on the iconic circuit of Monaco.

These one-of-a-kind NFTs were designed for a community of motorsport and historic car enthusiasts. These products offer a new way to experience the Historical Monaco Grand Prix. Some of the experiences included in the offerings of this collection will be offered only in these NFTs.


History of ACM

Founded in 1890, the Automobile Club of Monaco is an emblematic automobile club of the Principality. The Club is the official organizer of numerous automobile events including the F1 Grand Prix, the Historical Monaco Grand Prix, and more recently the Monaco E-Prix, as well as several rallies.

For the first time, the Automobile Club de Monaco will offer exclusive images of the 2021 Historic Grand Prix, which have gone viral worldwide. This collection will be the first NFT collection of this prestigious Club. Unique in its kind, this limited edition contains several valuable utilities to unlock for the Historical Grand Prix as well as the Monaco Grand Prix.

With this collection you will have an exceptional experience such as access to the pit, ACM limited edition badges and much more!

The Collection

The images in this collection are from one of the best on-board cameras ever made on a F1 car. The cars being none other than the original 1974 Ferrari 312 B3 of the legendary three-time F1 world champion, Niki Lauda. Driven by Jean Alesi (F1 1989-1999) and René Arnoux (F1 1978-1989) on the iconic circuit of Monaco.

The Automobile Club of Monaco realized the first 360° rear wing angle on an F1 car, as well as many other angles. The video sequences present the 4 angles on the 3 sectors of the circuit, except the n°40 which is one of the rarest with all angles combined in a “main loop” of the circuit.

These viral images made headlines around the world within the motorsport community. Some TV channels (ESPN, Sky, Canal Plus, Band TV) broadcast this innovative angle and Formula 1 also shared it on its social networks.

From now on, these symbolic images and videos of a historic Ferrari, driving on the Monaco Grand Prix circuit, secured by BlockChain technology in the form of NFT can be yours!

Some NFT’s include benefits that give immense privileges regarding the Monaco Grand Prix and the Historical Monaco Grand Prix. Once you have purchased your NFT, you will unlock redemption codes for your bonus, and you will need to provide your preferred contact address!

Road Map

Welcome to the club – P1

Come aboard and join the other members of ACM’s first ever NFT collection. Get your own unique NFT and enjoy the bonus benefits included in select “Smart Contracts” reserved for owners of the collection.

The official opening release date will be announced very soon. Join our network on Discord so you don’t miss any news and information about the launch of this unique and limited Historic Grand Prix collection.

Advantages – P2

Once you purchase your NFT, you will unlock information on how to access your personal benefits (tickets, safety car experience, pit lane access, Belvedere boxes, three-edition tickets for the Historical Monaco Grand Prix. Provide your contact information so that our representative can contact you and guide you through your experience.

Checkered flag – P3

Receive your certificate of authenticity and your benefit (according to the NFT) at your home. Get ready for your personal Monaco Grand Prix experience. Enjoy, trade, or print your NFT and stay tuned to our community for the next Automobile Club de Monaco NFT collection!

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