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E-Rallye Monte-Carlo 2023 : Event Introduction   –   Rallye Monte-Carlo Historique 2024 : Save the Date 31/01 – 07/02/2024   –   Rallye Monte-Carlo WRC 2024 : Discover the Itinerary

E-Rallye Monte-Carlo 2023 : Event Introduction   –   Rallye Monte-Carlo Historique 2024 : Save the Date 31/01 – 07/02/2024   –   Rallye Monte-Carlo WRC 2024 : Discover the Itinerary


E-storical record!

19 car manufacturers, 36 different models for a total of 60 participants of 15 nationalities – the entry list of this 7th edition of the 100% electric version of Rallye Monte-Carlo is very impressive. This is an unprecedented number of entries, making it the benchmark international event in the Bridgestone FIA ecoRally Cup 2023!

This enthusiastic response is the reward for all the considerable efforts made by the Organising Committee of Automobile Club de Monaco (ACM) in the field of electric mobility, with absolutely no pause since the creation of the very first Rallye Monte-Carlo for Electric Vehicles. For this 7th edition of the ‘zero emission’ version of Rallye Monte-Carlo, innovation is back in line with the spirit advocated since the very first edition, in 1995. For this 2023 edition, we have decided to change the venue, so that E-Rallye Monte-Carlo returns to its traditional autumn quarters in the Principality of Monaco. Centralising the event on Monegasque soil means we can offer our competitors a symbolic and prestigious postcard, as well as enjoying the destination for 5 days…, insists Jacques Rossi, Chairman of the ACM’s New and Electric Energies Commission.

As the 8th round on the Bridgestone FIA ecoRally Cup 2023 calendar, E-Rallye Monte-Carlo 2023 promises to be a blend of modernity, prestige and intensity. This 7th edition will be an opportunity for competitors not only to cover some 1,000 kilometres of the hinterland, but also to take a trip to Italy, and in fact to Dolceacqua. The Organising Committee wanted this to celebrate the twinning between the Italian town and Monaco, which will be solemnly concluded on November 3, five centuries to the day after the syndics of Dolceacqua swore their loyalty to Augustin Grimaldi, Lord of Monaco. The route has been kept secret for the very first time since the event’s inception, but it will include visits to some of the most legendary places in the history of Monte-Carlo. The 60 crews taking part, and in particular the two stars of the 2023 event, Stefano Modena (former F1 driver – 70 GPs contested – 3rd of the 1989 Monaco Grand Prix) and Bruno Thiry (2003 European Rally Champion), are also sure to appreciate these roads…“, explains Eric Barrabino, ACM General Commissioner.

Nestled in the heart of Carré d’Or, the Terrasses du Soleil will host the Parc Fermé, the Rally’s headquarters, at the foot of prestigious Casino de Monte-Carlo. Last and not least, there will be no need to organise a specific recharging park, as the capacity and development offered by Monaco On, with 334 charging points spread in public car parks and on the streets, will enable all competitors to recharge their vehicles easily, within the time limits imposed by the organisers…

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We were very saddened to learn about the death of our friend Gilles Gard, a long-time competitor in the #ERallyeMonteCarlo. The man from the Lot was primarily a gentleman, whose sense of adventure left an indelible mark on French motorsport. Our thoughts and condolences go out to his family and friends.

The E-Rallye set up in the Principality!

For the 7th edition of the “zero” emission Rallye Monte-Carlo, the Organising Committee of the Automobile Club de Monaco was keen to innovate, in line with the spirit of the event created in 1995 (Rally Monte-Carlo for Electric Vehicles). As the 8th round on the FIA World eco Rally Cup calendar, the 2023 E-Rallye Monte-Carlo will offer a mix of modernity, prestige and intensity.

In 2023, the event will be held in a new host territory. For the next autumn, the E-Rallye Monte-Carlo will move to the Principality of Monaco. This new event location on Monegasque territory will follow in the footsteps of its WRC cousin, and will offer a symbolic and prestigious postcard. The “Terrasses du Soleil” will once again welcome all the crews this year for a Parc Fermé, located below the prestigious Casino de Monte-Carlo.

Monaco On’s capacity to host and develop recharging facilities in the Principality of Monaco will allow as many participants as possible to take part in the 2023 E-Rallye Monte-Carlo.

This 7th edition will also be an opportunity to drive through the roads of the Monegasque hinterland, with an itinerary that will take competitors to some of the legendary places of the Monte-Carlo history. The route of the E-Rallye is also made up of discoveries and bucolic landscapes, in idyllic settings such as the event can offer every year.

Stay tuned!

Provisional programme

Publication of the Regulations & Opening of entries: Friday 18 August 2023

Closing of entries: Friday 22 September 2023

Publication of the entry list: Friday 29 September 2023

Monaco On, the charging network to be inspired by!

The network is so developped that there 1 terminal per 160 inhabitants on the Monegasque territory.

With more than 220 charging points scattered on the public road and in car parks in the Principality, “green” mobility and the ecological transition are already a reality.

Monaco On’s partnership with the E-Rallye Monte-Carlo therefore takes on its full meaning. Crews will thus be able to recharge their batteries in the Principality, a guarantee of reliability and serenity.

Win for Pastor / Gazzola

Winners of this 6th edition of the E-Rallye Monte-Carlo, Jacques PASTOR and Fulvio GAZZOLA (KIA EV6 n°8), jointly representing the Town Councils of Monaco and Dolceacqua, achieved a faultless course, just as professionals of the sport would do! “This rally above all allows amateur crews to have serious fun. We are delighted to add our name on the list of winners of this increasingly popular event…“, confided the deputy mayor of Monaco, in charge of the municipal service of sports and associations.

For his part, his co-driver and Mayor of Dolceacqua enjoyed the excellent spirit that reigned throughout this 2022 edition. “A first experience, certainly tiring, but which, beyond announcing the next twinning of our two cities, allowed us to live a very beautiful human adventure…”. The two men did not fail, finally, to collectively thank “all the volunteers of the ACM and the entire organising team for this great edition!“.

Let’s conclude this 2022 adventure, with the winners of the E-Rallye Monte-Carlo, presented today in the salons of the Yacht Club de Monaco…

This 2022 adventure came to a beautiful conclusion on Sunday 30 October in the salons of the Yacht Club de Monaco with the prize-giving ceremony and the official announcement of the results. See you in 2023 for the 7th edition of the Monte-Carlo Rally’s zero emission opus.

RS15: Tesla and Kia close in style

It was the 15th and last Regularity Stage of this 6th E-Rallye Monte-Carlo, between Saint-Auban and Andon (15 km) and it allowed two high-level crews to shine at the top of the results sheet ; Frédéric and Marjorie Ozon (Tesla 3), winners of the 2019 edition, did as well as Conde Eneko and Lukas Sergnese. The two Spaniards lead the 2022 provisional classification of the FIA ecoRally Cup and have therefore carried, throughout this rally, number 1 on their Kia E-Soul. Behind these two reference crews, five crews shared 3rd place, including of course overall leaders Jacques Pastor-Fulvio Gazzola (Kia EV6), in order to end the rally in the position they made their own since Thursday. Pending the publication of official results on Sunday morning by Automobile Club de Monaco (ACM).

RS14: BMW and Hyundai all square

RS14 (Ubraye-Briançonnet, 20.1 km) finished with a tie between the two main modes of propulsion of this 6th E-Rallye Monte-Carlo: an electric BMW i4 Coupé, that of Olivier Campana and Nicolas Milanesio, was just as efficient as the hydrogen-powered Hyundai Nexo of Ludovic Braley, the Natural Gas for Vehicles (NGV) producer in Lozère, and Antoine Jouve. It was also the scene of a fierce fight between three crews tied for 3rd place: Didier Malga and Anne-Valérie Bonnel (Porsche Taycan), Bruno Saby and Pascal Serre (Hyundai Nexo ), Emilien Le Borgne and Romain Montembault (Renault Mégane). In the meantime, the leading duo, Jacques Pastor and Fulvio Gazzola (Kia EV6), continued to manage their race perfectly, with one stage remaining.

RS13: Five major players raise the pace

Five major players of this 6th E-Rallye Monte-Carlo, tied for first place in RS13 between Lambruisse and Barrême (23.4 km), passing through the Col du Deffand. And the Bruno Saby-Pascal Serre crew, in the wake of their win in RS12, once again put their hydrogen-powered Hyundai Nexo at the forefront. Tied with Didier Malga and Anne-Valérie Bonnel (Porsche Taycan), winners in 2017, but also Jacques Pastor and Fulvio Gazzola (Kia EV6), still overall leaders, Philippe Segura and Xavier Baux (BMW IX), winners of two stages on Friday (SR9, SR10), and starred chef Michel Chabran, with Eric Mallen in a Renault Mégane sporting the colors of the eborn charging network.

RS13 Classification

Avis takes electric mobility seriously!

Avis, one of the major car rental networks, is a partner of E-Rallye Monte-Carlo and uses it as a life-size test bench. This year, two experienced crews are entered in a couple of Hyundai Kona SUVs: one associates Marie Périn and Valérie Fontaine (aiming for the Ladies’ Cup) and another one is entrusted to Serge Garosi, a former French gravel rally champion, and Michel Périn, whose co-driving record would not fit in a directory. This shows that Avis take things seriously, knowing already that the electrification of its fleet of vehicles has to follow an exponential curve. A third entry, a Megane E Tech, is entered for a “house” crew made of Raphaël Sporshill and Wissem Ben Khelifa. A great mark of professionalism!

RS12: Saby and Dechamps in front, the others behind!

As in the heyday of his win in the 1988 edition of Rallye Monte-Carlo, in WRC, Bruno Saby appeared at the very top of a time sheet, on Saturday morning, and won RS12 between Le Fugeret and Thorame-Haute (17.9 km ). Perfectly navigated by Pascal Serre, in the right seat of their hydrogen-powered Hyundai Nexo, Saby perfectly respected the average imposed by the organizers. At the end of this famous Colle Saint-Michel, the crew of Team Espoir Cancer Braley Koni was tied with Antoine Dechamps and Michael Salvador, in their VW ID4. It was a very tight special, where eight crews finished in 3rd place, starting with Didier Malga and Anne-Valérie Bonnel (Porsche Taycan), winners in 2017 and still 5th overall, ahead of Saby-Serre in their Hyundai Nexo (6th).

RS12 Classification

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